Recruit Firefighter Training Program

Recruit Training

The District requires all new firefighters with no previous firefighting experience to complete the Recruit Firefighter Training Program within their first year of appointment. Firefighters who have completed a state-recognized Firefighter I training course are required to complete the first three modules of the program.


The Recruit Firefighting Training Program is instructed in 16 module sessions, one 8 hour hazardous materials session, one live structure fire training exercise and a comprehensive final exam, consisting of 58 total hours. The hazardous materials training component adopts a curriculum approved by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety.


2017-2 Recruit Training Schedule

2017-1 Recruit Training Schedule

Training & Professional Development – Recruit Policy P400.402


National Incident Management System (NIMS)

NIMS Training Courses


Recruit Firefighter Training Program Coordinator

Captain Joe Jennings