Have Family Disaster Plan
                    * Start preparing NOW!  Don't wait until a disaster or severe weather forcast is in progress
                    * Plan how to take shelter in your home from severe weather or from hazardous chemical emergencies
                    * Plan how to evacuate your home in case of a fire or other emergency
                    * Plan locations where your family members can meet in in an emergency
                    * Plan for a relative who lives out of the area to act as a point of contact for your family if you become seperated
                    * Hold family fire exit drills
                    * Home Escape Plan Grid
Have a Family Warning System
                    * Have a NOAA Emergency Weather Radio to get emergency information
                    * For more information:
                    * Have smoke detectors in your home on every level and close to every sleeping area
                    * Test your smoke detectors monthly
                    * Change your smoke detector batteries when you change your clock for daylight savings time
                    * Have a carbon monoxide detecor in your home
Have Emergency Supplies
                    * Have a kit of supplies to Shelter-In-Place in your home in case of an emergency
                    * Have a kit of supplies in case you have to evacuate your home
                    * Have a kit of emergency equipment and supplies in your vehicle
                    * See for supplies for these kits
Simple Changes That Could Save Your Life
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