Are you interested in joining the District? The District is always accepting applications for volunteers.

The District is a 24-hour per day service with a full-time Chief and Assistant Chief, a full-time Captain, three full-time Firefighters, and more than 130 volunteer members from diverse backgrounds.

The District has twelve stations serving 525 square miles located in or near Burtville, Centerview, Chilhowee, Columbus, Cornelia, Fayetteville, Knob Noster, Leeton, Valley City and Warrensburg. Each station is staffed by volunteer personnel.

Fire suppression remains the foremost function. The District responds to various types of fire related incidents and also provides rescue services for motor vehicle accidents and as needed for other rescue related incidents. The District’s Station 11 provides water rescue services for Johnson County.

Volunteer Employment Benefits Include:

-All equipment needed including a full set of bunker gear and a pager.
-All training you need and additional specialized training throughout the year as available, in-house and outside training.
-Paid membership in the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri.
-AD&D Insurance Coverage.
-Camaraderie and the privilege to serve your community in a highly honored public service.

Firefighter – Apply Today!

Applicants for Volunteer Firefighter positions must be 18 years or older.
The District Policy and Guideline Book outlines all requirements.
Participation Compensation:
No Previous Experience – $12.00 per call for service for first hour, then $12.00 hourly
Complete Recruit FF Training – $13.00 per call for service for first hour, then $13.00 hourly
Firefighter I&II or Vehicle Rescue Technician – $14.00 per call for service for first hour, then $14.00 hourly
$10 per District Training

Junior Firefighter – Apply Today!

Applicants for the Junior Firefighter Program shall meet the following criteria:
1. Be at least fourteen (14) years of age and not reached their eighteenth (18th) birthday at
the time of application.
2. Be in good health.
3. Be able to perform all duties as assigned.
4. Be able to, and participate in training provided by the District.
5. Be able to follow orders and adhere to all guidelines or policies of the District.
6. Be able to provide references from at least two adults if required.
7. Be able to maintain and provide documentation of a minimum of a C average while attending school.
8. Copies of grades will be submitted at the completion of each normal grading period (i.e. semester, quarter, etc.)
9. Must complete a membership application and the Parental Consent Authorization Form

Junior Firefighter Program Guideline

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