Safety BriefsSafety Briefs

Monthly Safety Brief created to bring attention to potential safety hazards not always considered by firefighters.

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District DispatchDistrict Dispatch

Monthly District newsletter

2011 District Dispatch
2010 District Dispatch
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Policies and Procedures

District policies, procedures and guidelines


Training Minute

Periodic procedural information provided by the Training and Safety Division.

Thermal Imaging Cameras – 4/2016 – PDF
Radio Communications – 3/2016 – PDF

Continuing Education Scholarship

Scholarship available to any active member of an emergency service organization in Johnson County for continuing education courses.

Continuing Education Scholarship Application – PDF

High School Scholarship

Scholarship available to a Johnson County senior in high school entering in or continuing their education in the fire or emergency response field.

High School Scholarship Application – PDF

Jack K. Jennings Memorial Scholarship

The Jack K Jennings Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 by the Warrensburg Professional Firefighters Union Local 3923 in honor of the late Jack K. Jennings.  Jack supported the fire service for many years as the father and grandfather of three firefighters.  In his honor, this scholarship will provide funding to firefighters who seek fire service education to enhance firefighter safety.

Jack K. Jennings Memorial Scholarship

Share the Load Support Program for Fire and EMS

Most people are aware of the physical demands that first response activities place on firefighters and EMS providers. But it is important to also realize the impact that fighting fires and responding to emergencies has on the mental wellbeing of emergency personnel. Firefighters and EMS providers face the risk of many behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, depression, burnout, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addiction among others.

Taking care of your mental health is as important as managing your physical health. The National Volunteer Fire Council’s Share the Load™ program provides access to critical resources and information to help first responders and their families manage and overcome personal and work-related problems. This includes the Fire/EMS Helpline, which offers free 24-hour assistance with issues such as stress, depression, addiction, PTSD, and more.

Fire/EMS Helpline  1-888-731-3473

Learning Partners

Tuition and textbook discounts through the District’s Learning Partner agreement with  Columbia Southern University and Waldorf University

Columbia Southern UniversityWaldorf

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